BOARDING LADDERS: Manufactured in house and designed for the emergency embarkation and debarkation of offshore vessels.
BRACKETS: Life Saving Equipment manufactures aluminum brackets to fit all 24" and 30" life rings.
BUOY SACKS: We manufacture buoy sacks using 2" heavy duty webbing and stainless steel dee rings for added strength. Our buoy sacks are custom made to fit our stock size inflatable Norwegian buoys.
CHAPS/CHAFFING PANTS: Our commercial diving customers will tell you, Life Saving Equipment makes the toughest chaps around.  Made from reinforced 18oz. coated vinyl, these chaps are the favorite among commercial divers the world over.
DIVERS HARNESSES: We manufacture the toughest bailout and standby harnesses on the market at a superior price.
DIVERS HAT BAGS: Don't put that expensive dive helmet in anything but a Tuff Bag hat bag. Our hat bags are manufactured from 18oz. coated vinyl, have a solid wood bottom, and come complete with padded sides.
DUFFEL BAGS: Life Saving Equipment is a leading manufacturer of vinyl duffel bags which are manufactured under the "Tuff Bag" trademark. The Tuff Bag is available in 12 colors and are manufactured from 18oz. vinyl coated fabric with heavy duty YKK delrin zippers. The water resistant durable construction of the Tuff Bag has made it a favorite among oilfield workers worldwide.
EQUIPMENT COVERS:We manufacture equipment covers to meet the specific needs of our customers. All covers are manufactured from 18oz. coated vinyl and are UV protected and fire retardant. We specialize in fire extinguisher covers, hose reel covers, and life float covers.
FIRE BLANKETS: We manufacture our fire blankets using 1000 degree fiberglass fabric. Custom manufactured to your size specifications.
FLAGS: We offer a complete line of flags including American Flags, Foreign Nation Flags, State and Territory Flags, Dive Flags and Marine Code of Signal flags.
LIFE FLOATS: Life Saving Equipment manufactures its life floats under the Roe Float trademark. Our product is approved by The U.S. Coast Guard and The American Bureau of Shipping. The Roe Float is competitively priced and is completely repairable. Sizes range from 4 to 25 person capacities.
MATTRESSES: We custom make mattresses for dive chambers and vessels to your specifications using a fire retardant foam core and fire retardant fabric for the outer cover.
PALLET MARKERS: Specifically designed to mark pallets going from dock locations to destinations offshore, we manufacture our pallet markers using a 1" square plastic head with a nail through the center. Your companies name is engraved on the face and come in any color to fit your needs.
SIGNS: Life Saving Equipment maintains a state of the art sign shop that caters specifically to the needs of the oilfield. Choose from a variety of engraved plastic signs, computer cut vinyl letters, decals, stencils and plywood or aluminum sign backing.
STRETCHERS / STOKES LITTER: Our Bell 206 stretchers come complete with a pillow, blanket, and is wrapped up weather tight in our clear protective cover. Our Stokes style stretcher is available with a flotation collar and is also complete with a pillow, blanket, and cover.
TARPAULINS: Life Saving Equipment maintains a sewing room dedicated to the manufacturing of covers, tarps, screens for sandblasting, upholstery, and duffel bags.
WIND SOCKS: Our windsocks are constructed from 400 denier nylon in 10" or 18" diameters. We will also construct windsocks to meet your criteria.
X-RAY CASSETTE HOLDERS: Constructed from heavy duty black cloth over vinyl, our cassettes are light proof and come in any size to meet your specific needs.