Do you ship internationally?
Yes, but international orders must be paid by bank wire transfer.

Do you do embroidery on bags?
No, however we do stencil the bags, up to 4 lines, free of charge.

What is stenciling?
Stenciling is the machine punching out of letters on oil board paper.  Once laid over the bag, stenciling ink is applied with a roller.

Do you make custom bags?
Yes, if you call with the dimensions and/or specifications of the bag desired, we can discuss what options might be available. 

How do you order signs?
Signs are available by telephone or email.  Give us the dimensions and colors with the required wording and we can assist you in placing of your sign orders.

Are your bags water-proof?
No, water-proof implies that they are impervious to water.  Our bags are extremely water-resistant, which means under most conditions, your bag and its contents will be unaffected by water.

What is a suitcase zipper?
Suitcase style zipper is the placing of the zipper around three sides of the top, so that it opens in the manner of an ice chest.  This allows more access to inside of the bag than the traditional standard zipper.

Is there any guarantee or warranty on the Tuff Bag?
While we do not carry an expressed written warranty, we do honor our products to be free from defects.  Under normal usage, the Tuff Bag will last you many years.  However, if the bag suffers a defect (i.e. broken zipper or busted seams) within a reasonable time of your purchase, call us and we can try to resolve the problem.

Do you accept returns?
We accept returns on any unused product with a 10% restocking fee.  However, if you have an item customized (i.e. stenciled bags), we are not able to accept it as a return.

Do you offer discounts or wholesale prices for your bags?
Yes, on bulk orders in quantities of ____ or more.